Please find a guide to prices listed below. A written estimate and treatment plan is provided before treatment is carried out.

Examinations, hygiene & emergencies

Patient examination: £50
Hygiene visit: £50
Periodontal treatment: from £100 per session
Emergency visit: £75

Happy patient with dentist
A child visiting a dental practice
Happy patients
Fillings & extractions

Amalgam fillings: £60 to £120
Tooth coloured (composite) fillings: £80 to £260
Composite build ups for cosmetic/rehabilitation cases: case dependent
Simple extraction: from £80
Surgical extraction: £150-£200 

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment Incisor/Canines: from £175
Root canal treatment Premolars: from £230
Root canal treatment Molars: from £350
Re-root canal treatment: case dependent

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Crowns, bridges & veneers

Non precious metal crown: from £330
Porcelain bonded to metal crown: from £450
All ceramic crown/veneers: from £550
Precious gold crown: from £595
Resin retained bridge: from £450
Conventional bridge: from £400 per unit


Partial acrylic denture: from £300 per arch
Full acrylic denture: from £500 per arch
Flexible denture: from £700 per arch
Chrome denture: from £900 per arch
Denture additions: £110 per tooth

Lady having teeth whitening treatment
Teeth whitening, Mouthguards & Invisalign

Teeth whitening: from £150 per arch
Soft mouthguard: £110
Hard mouthguard: £500
Invisalign - single arch: £2499
Invisalign - dual arch: £2999

Facial Aesthetics

£30 (Deductible from your treatment fee below) 

Anti-wrinkle treatment:
1 area £195
2 areas £235
3 areas £255

Lip Dermal Fillers: £255