I think my wisdom teeth are coming through!

What are wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth are what we call the 3rd molar teeth that erupt into the mouth right at the back of the mouth. These usually start coming through when you are a young adult from the age of 18. The age at which these teeth come through can vary and sometimes can be much later in life. For the occasional few, these wisdom teeth sometimes don’t come through at all!  
How can I look after my new wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth need careful toothbrushing twice a day thoroughly, with either a manual or electric toothbrush. Usually, a small headed electric toothbrush is recommended. A single tufted toothbrush is also recommended if the wisdom tooth has only partly pushed through the gum. Once they come through fully it is also important to clean in between your new wisdom tooth and your 2nd molar tooth with either an interdental brush or floss. It will be hard to reach, however with some practice you will be able to reach there more easily. 
If there is a lot of food trapping with plaque and bacteria building up around the gum surrounding the partly come through wisdom tooth, the gum can become very sore- improving the cleaning at home will help to reduce the soreness.
If you are struggling to remove the debris and bacteria around the wisdom tooth, this can lead to an infection around the gum. Having regular appointments with your dentist with regular hygiene appointments will help to prevent the recurrent feeling of soreness around the gums.
Is it normal to get some pain when wisdom teeth are coming through?
Yes, it can be painful if a wisdom tooth or multiple wisdom teeth are pushing through your gums. Sometimes you may need to take some over the counter painkillers to help you manage the pain, whilst they are pushing through. It is also very important to keep the gum around the wisdom teeth very clean as described above, this is to prevent the gums becoming inflamed and sore.
If the wisdom teeth are not cleaned very well around the gum, this can lead to the gum around the wisdom teeth becoming infected. Tooth decay can also occur in the wisdom tooth itself and can also occur in the 2nd molar tooth which is the tooth next to it, if there is a lot of food debris collecting in that area.  
I am not coping with my wisdom teeth- what do I do?
If you are experiencing any unmanageable pain or swelling coming from your wisdom teeth, it is recommended that you contact your dentist as soon as possible.
If you are not experiencing any urgent symptoms however wish to discuss your wisdom teeth with a dentist, it is recommended that you contact your dentist for a routine appointment.